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Our Management

Francis Dougan


Francis Dougan admits only long investments, long-term horizon, and Deep Value. He is a famous financial and economic writer. During 40 years he was successful investor, journalist and editor. He is experienced in banking, and international credit, and investment systems. For a few years he trained students.

After he retired from Wall Street as his constant usual job, Bavaria focuses on investments, bonds, stocks, and books. His new masterpiece “Greedy and Happy: How to Survive Capitalism” became a bestseller on prestigious independent retailers websites like Amazon.

He started his career working in Bank, where he had to deal with international money workouts, chasing banks, and handle the problems with troubled branches across the world. After that he was a head of the department that worked with human resources.

He switched the bank to the private analytics company, where he had to follow ratings at the loan market.

Bavaria is a proud graduate of Tepper School of Business in Pennsylvania. He currently lives in Texas with his family.


William D. McFadden


William D. McFadden is interested in dividends, Option Income and Value with Growth. He is working for a private company Waters Investments as an investment analyst and advisor. He is also a writer. Recently he published his book “Rules of Safe Investing”, where he shared his 25 years experience in this field.

He is in the top of international analysts rank. Recently Market Spot has named William D. McFadden as the world’s best financial columnist. It happened right after he predicted the oil boom.

William  is a welcomed quest on radio and TV shows, his articles are published in prestigious business magazines.

He comes from the middle class family of workers. They had to struggle to survive, and that gave William, as a young boy, the goal to understand financial world good enough to make the money with this information.


William Sorenson


William Sorenson is a real scientific researcher with a strong interest in business. He is curious about ETF funding, and closed-end funds, besides other.

William says finds it fascinating how science can be closely related to financial market. He believes that critical thinking that he uses in both areas brings him great results.

His main focus in finances lay among CEFs and ETFs. Recently he started to provide his analytics services to people who want to learn more about market. International experts noticed his work and awarded with the top place in the rank of ETF’s guides.

William has found his own company named Income Lab, which helps investors to double their money. According to his calculations, hundreds of his students have already become serious investors.


Richard Conner


Richard Conner is interested in micro-cap, investing for dividends and deep value. He works for the analytics company.

His main hobby is to write analytical articles for financial newspapers. It is his official job as well. In the past, Richard was a successful trader at the hedge fund. After many years in that area he decided to become a journalist and consultant for other people who want to make investments.

He also continues to stay independent trader. Wall Street knows him as an author in analytical newspaper, which focuses on the stock analysis and micro-cap equities.